Today is the 100th day I’ve gone without refined or added sugar. I was pretty sure I’d make it since I challenged myself by publishing that I’d donate $1,000 to charity if I failed the challenge. There were a few rules, which you can see in my first post.

Things I expected:

I didn’t expect it to be so hard. There is sugar hiding under many names in many foods you might never expect, like mayonnaise, and bacon. I’ve basically had to make everything from scratch (no more taco seasoning packets because they have maltodextrin – a sugar pseudonym). And my diet has mostly become meat, eggs, and veggies…maybe a few fruits.

I didn’t expect it to be so hard for my husband to accept that I’m doing this challenge. He’s not one to sabotage me if I’m on a “diet,” but he constantly asked me, “not to do this ever again.”

I expected to be ultra thin after staying away from refined sugar for 100 days, but I compensated with plenty of wine, so my waistline didn’t change 🙁

Things I’ve learned

I learned so much from this experience! I already knew a lot of the hidden names for sugar, but I learned even more of them during this process, and I’ve become even more diligent in checking ingredient labels.

I’ve learned to expect all packaged foods to have sugar, so that way, if there is no sugar, I’m happy rather than disappointed. I’ve also learned about some great brands and stores in my area that carry sugar-free (also fake-sugar-free) products and I plan to continue supporting these companies in their healthier missions.

I’ve learned that my taste buds have changed. It only took a few days at the beginning of this journey to kick my sugar cravings and now fruit can even have too sweet of a flavor. My go-to “dessert” these days is 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce, or two tablespoons of natural nut butter (almond butter is my favorite).

Will I continue?

I do plan to continue with a mostly sugar-free life. I will probably start buying my usual, sugar-laden turkey bacon again, but I prefer my homemade taco seasoning to the commercially packaged stuff. I’m also excited to drink a whisky+ginger-ale again (click here to learn more about the best whisky on the planet IMO).

I only managed to make four journal entries at the beginning of the process and you can read them below.

Journal Entries

Day 1 – 1/3/2018: Today has had its ups and downs. I have certainly had some cravings for sugar, but found some relief in natural sugars. I was elated to find that my jar of unsweetened applesauce has no added sugar in it. Can’t wait for my few days of detoxing to pass. I need to pawn off the rest of my cake to the neighbors 🙂 Thank God for vino!

Day 2 – 1/4/2018: Today was much easier. I’m still finding myself craving carbs & something sweet, but my applesauce is tiding me over. No vino either.

Day 6 – 1/8/2018: Yesterday was a little challenging since I ran out of wine & decided to cool it on my alcohol as well. I was craving sugar after dinner & ate a tangelo to curb my craving. The tartness of the tangelo wasn’t perfectly satisfying, but was close enough. I do have a couple bananas and some blackberries as well as almond & peanut butter for this week.

Day 9 – 1/11/2018: Today was quite frustrating. I was at the office all day and was craving something for dinner other than the leftovers I had planned on eating. I stopped by Trader Joe’s on my way home and thought sushi sounded good. As I read the ingredients on EVERY single sushi box they had, each one contained SUGAR! Their salads all had sugar too. After reading the labels on no less than 10 pre-packaged foods, I gave up & went home to my leftovers. It was a huge eye-opener.