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Mental Health – Keeping Quiet No More

Mental Health has been a buzzing topic lately, and I think that this once-shamed issue has been brought to light by many celebrities and "normies" alike that more and more people who suffer from a wide range of mental health issues have started to open up about their...

On My Radar

I spend some time each week reading articles either for the pure sake of learning or for entertainment. This blog is mainly dedicated to Traditional Oriental Medicine, but I find other topics to be relevant for this blog as well. In my efforts to educate myself to...

No Sugar Challenge

FYI: I have been very apprehensive to publish this post...but here it goes: This may be the craziest challenge I've ever done...and I've done some crazy challenges. Like the time one of my sisters decided that she wanted to challenge all of us to get in shape and run...

Can Kids Get Acupuncture?

The answer is, YES! Kids can absolutely get acupuncture. Many times, kids don't even need to have a needle pierce their skin; non-invasive tools can be used to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanism. Children are very resilient and have a lot of Qi (pronounced...

I Finally Feel Normal ~and How I Got There

Be forewarned: I am going to discuss some intimate {bathroom} details from my life, so if you are queasy or bashful about this topic, this post may not be for you. However, I believe that all healing begins in the gut, so suck it up, buttercup and read it anyway. My...

You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet

Fight food addictions | Reduce internal inflammation Reduce belly fat | Balance hormones | Eliminate fatigue What does it mean to listen to your body, as the expression goes? What if your body is telling you to eat chocolate bars for breakfast, or that fast food makes...

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