Sharleen Lawrence, L.Ac., MTOM

Sharleen holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She began her path to helping people achieve wellness in 2005 when she began practicing the Japanese art of Seifukujutsu massage. During her massage training, she learned about Asian Medicine and Acupuncture, and knew she had found her calling. Sharleen also has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting and Information Systems. After a short career in both financial analysis and database programming within the Nevada gaming industry, Sharleen attended the prestigious Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA where she graduated magna cum laude. Sharleen has a broad range of clinical experience, which includes treating addiction, digestive disorders, and pain management/sports injuries.

Sharleen had the delightful opportunity of being mentored by the respected Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, DAOM, DHM, LAc, CCN. During her tenure with Dr. Fitzgerald, Sharleen learned and fell in love with the use of functional medicine for treating patients in the modern world. Functional medicine is a holistic approach to treating the underlying cause of disease by using lab data, dietary changes and supplements to correct the negative influence of genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Sharleen continues her extensive, post-graduate training in Functional Medicine and uses the highest quality supplements that can only be distributed by qualified practitioners.

Sharleen practices Japanese style acupuncture; she has worked for many years to refine her technique so each needle is inserted painlessly. Many patients are surprised to learn that the needles are inserted before they are even aware of it.

In her spare time, Sharleen enjoys focusing on fitness and delights in nature; spending time outdoors, hiking and camping. Sharleen has been a long-distance runner since 2008 and continues to compete and train annually. Her other passions include cooking and eating nutritious food as well as spending as much time as she can with animals.

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